Welcome To Hale Primary School

Welcome to the website for Hale Primary School  part of The Forest Edge Learning Federation. This is a formal collaboration between Hale Primary School and Breamore CE Primary School.  Both schools have a long and proud history of serving their local community.

With federation status we are able to protect the unique nature of each small school whilst sharing resources and expertise.  The federation has one governing body and executive headteacher. Our vision for the federation is two distinct primary schools, each with their own individual identity and character, working together to develop outstanding educational outcomes for all our pupils.

As executive headteacher I have the privilege of working with teams in both schools of highly dedicated professionals. When asked about Hale Primary a pupil said, ‘It couldn’t be improved. It is just a wonderful place to go to school. It’s like a family here and the teachers really help us to learn.’

We always welcome visitors so please make an appointment should you wish to come and have a tour and meet the team.

Emma Clark

Executive Headteacher



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