Hale Primary School
In The Heart of The New Forest
Our Vision
​These are the things about our school that we value most of all, that we would not sacrifice at any cost:
  • The focus given to the needs of the individual- both adult and child.
  • Acknowledgement of uniqueness of the individual
  • The equal attention given to emotional well-being and to academic achievement
  • A diverse creative approach to the curriculum complimented by many enrichment experiences, and a willingness to take risks and try new things, led by children’s interests
  • The attention and importance given to Rights, Responsibilities and Respect
  • Teamwork- thoughtful, kind, hard working colleagues with excellent partnership working, who value each other’s skills
  • A staff who are committed to be the best they can be- continually striving to improve teaching and learning
  • The use made of the outdoors and learning from the natural environment.
  • The Learning To Learn agenda: children are taught the skills they need to be a good learner through our Learning Dimensions
  • An enquiry based learning focus across curriculum areas
  • High expectations of behaviour and respect, and a culture based on values.
  • The appreciation of and value given to learning through play in EYFS &KS1
  • Children feel cared for and trust the adults
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